Q: Will my DTF order be cut?  
A: Small orders may be cut and shipped in a hard mailer however large orders will usually come in a large batch you will need to cut yourself. Large orders will come in a cylinder mailer.

Q: Will you cut my DTF order for me?
A: If you would like your order cut we can do it for a fee.  Please email us and we can quote you on cutting.

Q: Do I have to pay the DTF "gang" fee for every sheet if I am ordering multiple sheets of the same gang?
A: No.  If you are ordering 6 of the same sheets for example and you would like us to gang them, pay for 1 with the "gang" fee and the other 5 without that fee.  This is only for the same sheets.  If it is 6 different sheets then you need to pay that gang fee for each.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my receipt/order?
A: Log in to your account.   If you have not made an account you can still gain access by making an account with the email you used to order with.

Q: My order arrived damaged/missing
A: You must contact us within 3 days of order arriving.   Damaged orders will be replaced with Route.  

Q: When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

A: Shipping is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to the Checkout page where you will be offered Shipping Method choices and their prices. We will ship your order shortly after we receive payment from you. We are NOT in control of shipping prices.