Direct to Film - DTF Information


* We are using COLD PEEL film *

Set your press to 315 degrees.

Press your shirt for 5-10 seconds and get out all the moisture from the shirt.

Place DTF on desired location and press for 12 seconds.  Wait until cool and peel off.  Then you cover with a carrier/parchment sheet and press for 10 seconds.  Peel off parchment/carrier sheet and you are done. 

DTF can be used on any Cotton, poly, and more!  You can use on lights and darks as well!

Our current custom DTF TAT is 1-4 business days but we are usually printing and shipping much quicker than that.  

Your images are supplied by you, unless they are on our website.  You must provide an image with at least 300 DPI and on a transparent background.  Do not use screen shot images or phone dumps

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