Artwork Specifications

All artwork that is customer submitted must be a minimum of 300 DPI and submitted in CMYK colours.  Any colour adjustments that happen when artwork is submitted and converted from RGB to CMYK is not the responsibility of Eh Okay Transfers and remains the sole responsibility of the customer submitting the artwork.

Eh Okay Transfers does not check your artwork.  It the responsibility of the customer submitting the artwork to ensure that the images are clear and high quality.

We highly suggest that the customer submits their images with a transparent PNG.  If you submit your artwork in SVG or another format there could be changes to your images due to our programs not having those fonts, etc.  PNG will ensure those qualities stay the same. 

Custom artwork must be submitted with a transparent background.  We print your images as submitted and if your artwork is submitted with a background it will be printed as such. 

Eh Okay Transfers is not responsible for images that are printed fuzzy, distorted, pixelated, with a background, incorrect colouring or font due to artwork provided by the customer in an incorrect format or low quality images.