Brand Ambassador (Reps)

Hi!  We are so glad you are here! 

We are looking for creators and makers.  Small businesses and individuals who are active on social media such as Insta, FB, TikTok, etc.  We are looking for you to show your creations and passions while using Eh Okay Transfers products and if you are picked to become a rep you will get discounts, new product releases and more!  We want someone who is energetic and want to collaborate with Eh Okay Transfers.

What is required?

  • Your social media platforms need to be public so we can see what you post and share it!
  • Always tag us! You will need to use @ehokaytransfers
  • For collabs we will send you out information and dates
  • Products are clearly displayed
  • Be authentic, fun, YOU!
  • Good Lighting
  • Join our rep chat
  • Kindness, Courtesy and respect for others and yourself.  You are not only representing your business and yourself but us as well
  • 3 month term
  • Post 2 times weekly on social media as well as share us and recommend us as much as possible!